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On our website and platform, any person connected with an organization has the potential to come into contact with confidential information. In some cases, exposure is coincidental or incidental; in others it is an integral part of the job function. This information may be personal, financial, or other. It may be computerized (electronic form) in nature.

Examples of such confidential information include, but are not limited to: LTSD statements, financial records and reports, information distributed regarding tax and customs.

It is our policy to maintain confidential information in strict confidence, both while on the platform and our website. Therefore, all companies who have access to confidential information are prohibited from disclosing such information in any unauthorized manner. They must use this information only in ways that are consistent with this commitment to confidentiality. Consistent with the principle of “need to know”, it is also incumbent on all who are exposed to confidential information to see that they use only as much of such information as is needed for the taXchain platform.

It our policy to maintain all aspects of confidentiality. Companies are accountable for being aware of the legal implications in respecting the rights of others, especially the right to privacy.

It is also the responsibility of any who have contact with confidential information to preserve such records against loss, destruction, tampering and inappropriate access and use, including inappropriate disposal.

Any breach of confidentiality represents a failure to meet the legal, professional and ethical standards expected, and constitutes a violation of this policy. A breach need not take the form of a deliberate attempt to violate confidentially, but includes any unnecessary or unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information-due to carelessness, curiosity or concern, or for personal gain or malice, including but not restricted to informal discussion. Such breaches may result in discipline and/or civil or criminal penalties.

Confidentiality Agreement

I understand the above statement of confidentially and agree to fulfill its expectations in my treatment of confidential information. Further, I understand that a violation or breach of this commitment to confidentially will be investigated and responded to in a manner to prevent a reoccurrence. I understand that I could also be subjected to disciplinary action that may include legal action.