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Innovators Behind taXchain

Dr. Matthias Gries / StB
(Siemens AG, Tax)
Senior Expert Tax and Customs

André Rubbert
(Siemens AG, Tax)
Customer Relations and Digital Tax Transformation

Elena Rudyk
(Siemens AG, Tax)
Public Relations

Prof. Dr. Robert Risse
(former Head of Tax, Henkel AG)
Customer Relations

Dr. Chatelain Olga
IT Partner Digital Finance Workplace
Siemens AG Information Technology

Martijn Springer
(Henkel AG, Trade)
Head of Governance

“Platform Developed and Operated By” KrypC Technologies

KrypC Technologies is a global technology company that builds solutions using blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies for solving industry problems. We provide low-code, ready-to-use platforms for enterprises and start-up innovators to deploy and manage solutions with minimal effort, cost, and risk. Siemens has partnered with us to help develop and operate this platform for customs and tax.

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